North Vancouver traffic gridlock requires action blueprint (Wilkinson)

Comment by Voices:  The discussion suggested should take place before the OCP Public Hearing (even more density increases planned).

North Vancouver traffic gridlock requires action blueprint.

Quoting in part from Jonathan Wilkinson, Liberal candidate for the North Shore:

This coming March, residents across the Lower Mainland will be asked to vote for a 0.5% increase in BC’s Provincial Sales Tax to fund $7.5 billion in new transit projects over the next 10 years. I will be voting “Yes” to the referendum question and commend the mayors, and especially North Vancouver District Mayor Richard Walton, for their work on the transit funding proposal. But adding a Seabus and more bus lines on the North Shore, as proposed, is just a start at addressing our own growing problem. Successful or not, the outcome of the referendum will not, on its own, come close to solving North Shore congestion.

What’s required is the start of a comprehensive discussion which leads to an action blueprint that coordinates the complex multitude of elements at play here – from density planning to transit to roads and bridges.

What’s required is a boldness of vision with no sacred cows that are off-limits to consideration. That means reviewing the adequacy of two bridges and the possible need for rapid transit to the North Shore.




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