Blog: Thoughts of a former City Councillor

Blog: Thoughts of a former City Councillor.

from Guy Heywood’s blog, some of the questions arising from January Council meetings:

Why does the City subsidize market-rental housing at the expense of market-owned housing?

Article deals with the application at 161 East Keith, quoting in part:

‘There are many owned strata properties in the City that are being rented already. Should the City be subsidizing the construction of some market rental at the expense and in competition to others? When the City forgoes a $3.4 million payment for the granted density isn’t it just raising taxes in the future for everyone else?

Furthermore, isn’t the development and operation of market rental housing a ‘business’ which, under the Community Charter local governments is not supposed to subsidizing? ‘

Details here: 

The City of North Vancouver’s Official Community Plans – what has it become?

Article deals with whether our local government is acting in the best interest of its citizens, quoting in part:

‘Official Community Plans (OCPs) used to be simple land use plans intended to ensure there was a reasonable balance between private and public realms and compatibility of adjacent uses. Now they are primarily used to create wealth through density. 

The City of North Vancouver’s OCP is an expensive taxpayer funded effort to identify soft spots in the resident’s resistance to density for the benefit of land sellers and developers.

Details here:



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