The small heart of the City vs. the big heart of North Vancouver

Another posting from former Councillor Guy Heywood: link:

The small heart of the City vs. the big heart of North Vancouver.

To the apparent consternation of the City Manager and the Mayor, another secret of the City leaked out recently. I had nothing to do with this one even though, given the scope and complexity of the research required to even consider it, it must have been in process with staff for quite some time while I was still on Council.

This one is a proposal to build a new recreation centre, with a 25 meter pool, in the heart of the City, at the present Telus site at the corner of 8th and Lonsdale.

The plan is apparently to maintain the single hockey rink on 23rd Street but abandon the rest of the old and seismically unsafe buildings that make up the Harry Jerome Complex. The City would probably end up selling the land with high density zoning in order to help fund the project.*  

‘Heart’, is of course, a matter of perspective. To the government of the City which had its perspective deliberately cut off by its developer-founders to encompass only the lands they owned in 1907, that small piece of property near where 8th and 11th Streets come together is closer to the heart of the community it would like to shape.

This is a shame. The heart of the true North Vancouver is bigger than that. The heart of the true North Vancouver community is at least as big as Harry Jerome. It’s just that neither one of our North Vancouver governments, with their limited perspectives, can see it.

*This was something I predicted in a blog early last year entitled “The Trouble With Harry (Jerome)”


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