The City’s Official Community Plan – Is Resistance Futile?

Borrowed from North Van City News, written by former City Councillor Bob Fearnley and quoting in part ‘we have only begun to fight’:

link:  The City’s Official Community Plan – North Van City News.


by Bob Fearnley

North Vancouver City Council is planning to bring the draft Official Community Plan to a new Public Hearing on March 3rd.
Readers will remember that a draft OCP has been before Council before and was defeated. That was before the municipal election. Now that Councillor Keating and his partner in crime Mayor Mussatto have a solid four votes at Council, the draft OCP is back, with even more density than ever.

Opponents are already saying that if you found driving difficult before, or God forbid, you are hoping to find a parking space, you can forget about it. Some community residents are complaining that this draft OCP is an outright assault on our single family neighbourhoods. Still other residents question whether City Council has any intention of following the new draft Official Community Plan. After all, Councillor Keating has made abundantly clear our OCP is only a ‘notional’ document.


Is that all the Official Community Plan is, a notional document?


Now for those of you who wonder what the word notional means, it is defined as “existing only in theory or as a suggestion or idea” and this description of the OCP comes directly from the mouth of Councillor Keating. That is hardly a fitting description for our most important planning document, the master plan for the evolution of our community.


So why would anyone waste their time and effort in opposing a document that we already know our City Council has no intention of following?


Fair enough, but I for one, believe that all right minded citizens in our City should be outraged by the statements of Councillor Keating and Mayor Mussatto. Maybe it is true that the Keating/Mussatto team has the four votes required to push through the draft OCP. Hasn’t Councillor Keating has already told us that he plans to ignore the wishes of the public and will vote for the draft OCP, no matter what people tell him at the Public Hearing.


Yes, resistance may indeed seem futile but I for one, plan to make passing this noxious draft planning document an uncomfortable an experience for the Keating/ Mussatto team.


Yes, it may be another four years until the next election, but I have a long memory and so do many others in our community. If you care about our City then join with me on March 3rd at our Council Chambers. Let’s give City Council an earful on the pitfalls of being so arrogant as to ignore the voice of the people. We have only begun to fight.

Resistance is not futile, the process just requires some patience.




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