A spotlight on “public” support vs opposition for rezonings: Case study of Marine Gardens – Agents of Concord Pacific (proponent) dominate letters

For those North Van residents who were present at CNV public hearings for Onni or Harbourside, this will be very familiar.

CityHallWatch: Tools to engage in Vancouver city decisions

Towers proposed at Marine Gardens, policy report, 4-Feb-2015 Marine Gardens rezoning for 27 and 21 storey towers. Public Hearing Feb 24, 2015. Most letters of support so far come from the proponent’s own agents.

More public awareness and scrutiny is often needed to understand who is supporting a rezoning at a public hearing. How often do the people who make written or oral submissions to City Council in support a rezoning have undeclared direct or indirect pecuniary interests in a project being approved? Quite often, perhaps.

As one current example, it has been brought to our attention that persons with a direct connection with Concord Pacific comprise the majority of the people who wrote City Council so far in support (see PDF) of the Marine Gardens (455 Southwest Marine Drive) rezoning Public Hearing on Tuesday, February 24. Eleven of the 20 support letters are from employees working for Prompton Real Estate Services (www.prompton.com), which is an agent for…

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