Lies, Lies and Dam Lies

Borrowed from North Vancouver City News, written by Dorothy Bell:

Lies, Lies and Dam Lies

Forensic Accounting Just BeginningDarrel's ad

by Dorothy Bell

Georgia Straight October 1 2014

Mussatto dismissed the characterization that he is developer-friendly. “It’s ludicrous,” Mussatto said by phone. The mayor added that, as an independent, he’s not endorsing anyone in the election. “I’m running on my record, which is clear and transparent,” Mussatto said. “What you have seen from me, being honest and open and caring for everyone, will continue. And I think people who know me admire me.”

Oh the irony of it all. While Mussatto claims his independence, he also – as expected – endorsed a full slate of candidates in the last election. He lied. It was obvious from the start that his comments to the Straight were anything but ”being honest and open and caring.”

And now we get to see how much he was honest about….

The forensic auditing has just begun with the election disclosure forms being published this week by Elections BC. The forms list all the donations and expenses by all the candidates for North Vancouver City municipal elections. There are no surprises to political pundits except that the amount of donations far exceeds even the most cynical.

Team Mussatto spent a grand total of $173,591.95 with the vast majority of donations coming from developers. Those same developers are now lining up to put their projects before council to squeeze just that much more density from a council that just can’t say no. Don Bell, Pam Bookham and Rod Clark are the only 3 councilors with backbone and fortitude to run on their own dime and be willing to represent you and not just the developers that line their pockets at election time.

Stay tuned as we unravel the ribbons, uncover the truths and expose the deceit.

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