Muddled Planning and Fixation on Growth

Copy of  a letter to the North Shore News, re the planned changes to Eastern Avenue and 15th St. (reprinted with permission)




ANY change in the OCP for taller buildings on Eastern Avenue must take into consideration that Loblaw’s trucks are obliged by the city to use 15th St. in order to enter the lane to serve Loblaws and then return via Eastern Ave. This is mandated by the city.


Drivers return to Lonsdale via Eastern and 15th!


15th St is a congested thoroughfare with buses, ambulances, fire trucks, police etc. 15th is an already existing problem. It became more so with the new high rise on 15th west of Lonsdale too. A new building will bring more service vehicles and visitors. This intersection is already a major risk to cars and pedestrians.


15th St. is a major artery to get to St. Georges and Grand Boulevard in order to access streets to Lynn Valley and to the routes south and West off of Grand boulevard, which includes getting to Highway #1 via St. Georges or Grand Boulevard.


In addition parked cars block the sight lines at the crossing of 15th and 17th, which means that to enter either street one has to creep out to see the traffic.These are also very busy pedestrian crosswalks. Also to be taken into account are the bicycles on these streets as well as the infirm and aged using mechanical aids, walkers and canes to traverse the area to reach the hospital and other health facilities.


There is also dangerous jaywalking across 15th.


The intersection at 15th and Lonsdale is perilous. Cars turning from Lonsdale into 15th are breaking through the crosswalk with pedestrians already in the crosswalk, or from 15th encroach onto the crosswalk in order to enter Lonsdale or turn onto 15th.


To build a huge building of 12 stories on that site shows the lack of understanding of the day­to­day effect on ordinary people who will be affected by the muddled planning inspired by the fixation on growth and misguided urbanism.


The Council and Planning must show that the previous OCP is wrong and why it is wrong for this site now.

Jerry Zaslove

North Vancouver



2 responses to “Muddled Planning and Fixation on Growth

  1. Do you honestly think a City manager that doesn’t even reside in the city has the community in mind as a priority? His two top and only priorities are how large a salary I can collect and the LEC

  2. Frustrated with poor or arrogant service from the City of North Vancouver? Contact City Manager Ken Tollstam direct:

    5429 Cortez Cres North Vancouver BC V7R 4R1

    (604) 986-5084 or (604) 986-5088

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