Excessive Industry Influence?

Voices comment:  This is borrowed from a posting on the CityHallWatch site, and discusses the Marine Gardens rezoning.  The process here is similar to the development application process in the City of North Van which seemingly often begins with a chat about ‘how big can we go?’  Does the City of North Van have limits on density bonuses, density transfers?  The answer would seem to be ‘NO’.  Did developers fund the majority on Council?   That answer is definitely ‘YES’.  OCP Public Hearing March 3rd 6pm.



So this is how the system works.

Our entire civic system in Vancouver operates in the context of strong and often invisible connections between players and the underlying power of money and profits. Givers at one stage become the receivers at the next. It is like a self-reinforcing power structure.

In that context, what hope is there for neighbourhoods and citizens? Read below, and ask how deeply entrenched these patterns are in Vancouver. How long have things been this way? How many rezonings in the past ten years have been like this.

Read full article here: https://cityhallwatch.wordpress.com/2015/02/26/support-letters-connections-marine-gardens/



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