Shiny Sexy Legacy Project? Apr13/15

Upcoming next week at Council:  Policy Committee Meeting – Gaming Facilities Apr 20 6.00p

Details are here:

There have been many concerns expressed by residents that the facility (if approved) would be housed in the waterfront area.  This meeting on the 20th will determine one of the following options:

-that the City maintain the current prohibition

-that further consideration be given at a suitable location in the City


There is an opportunity for public input and we urge you to attend the meeting to express your opinions.  We are becoming increasingly concerned that,  with the current majority on Council,  decisions are being made to please the campaign donors.    It seems that this company donated in excess of $15,000 to the Mayor’s slate:  

 (previously published:

Following is the submission at Council’s public input tonight by Fred Dawkins

I wish to make a couple of comments regarding the waterfront project, which is up for discussion on tonight’s agenda. The staff report is long on vision and design principles, but awfully short on money details. Where is the business case that was supposed to be coming before Council? When will we see the nitty gritty details such as revenue projections, specific costs for specific elements of the project, and most importantly, how we are going to pay for this project?

It appears that the Mayor’s majority on Council is keen on proceeding full speed ahead with this development, while at the same time downplaying the importance of renewing Harry Jerome. Our group is disappointed – as are many North Vancouver residents – at the decision to downgrade the priority of Harry Jerome. Residents have told Council time and again, for years now, that this is a priority for the people who live here. The new OCP includes a lot of fine words about healthy living and recreational opportunities, yet our most important rec centre – which serves thousands of North Shore people year-round – is being allowed to deteriorate. And there is no sign that this Council feels any urgency to get on with the job that it has promised. “Shovel ready by the time William Griffin is done,” remember.

We can’t help thinking that there is a connection – that the Mayor’s urge to create a shiny, sexy legacy project has replaced the more mundane need to provide adequate recreational facilities for our residents. I don’t recall voters in the recent election being asked to choose between the waterfront project and a revitalized Harry Jerome, yet, here we are, and it seems that choice has been made for them with no discussion.

I also note that the staff report for tonight’s waterfront motion specifically avoids any discussion on the proposed casino – not currently zoned for it, is all it says. Yet we know that the casino is still very much on the table. Telephone solicitors continue to call residents pitching the concept, and warning that if it’s not built in the city, it will be built by someone else, such as the Squamish band, and we will get none of the financial benefits but still bear the social costs. I know this to be so, because our house was called only yesterday. So when is a proposal going to be put forward for this council, and the community at large, to debate the pros and cons, including those social costs?

If your model for financing the waterfront project depends on the revenue from a casino, tell us now.


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