Lashing Out

Voices has received the following from a City resident addressed to the North Shore News (not yet published)

May 13, 2015

The Editor


The Mayor and his slate are on the ropes, and lashing out.

At the regular Council meeting on May 11th citizens, in person and by letter, in a very respectful manner, opposed a change to the procedures by-law that would have eliminated the public input period at the beginning of each Council meeting.

In proposing an amendment, Councillor Keating went into one of his verbose rants about unflattering social media backlash about members of the Mayor’s slate and staff. This public backlash, while not condoned by the speakers at public input periods, may indeed arise from increasing public concern about recent Mayor’s slate decisions.

I believe the underlying public concerns arise not only from this attempt to curtail public input but from a series of extraordinary events since the election:

The extraordinary amount of money donated to the election campaign of the Mayor and his slate from firms that directly benefit from the decisions of Council, and

The decision to give an exceptionally large bonus of density at 161 East Keith Road from parties that made a significant donation to the election campaign, and

The move to reconsider the long standing ban on slot machines in the City brought to Council by another significant contributor to the Mayor’s campaign and

There appears to be a commitment into public realm amenities that will benefit another contributor to the Mayor’s campaign without considering other more community based projects that have been waiting longer.

Councillor Keating talked about limiting the access of certain people from the public input process and the Mayor joined in about getting tough on administering the process. Putting this all in context, who is bullying who? The Mayor and his slate need to consider their role in the Community and start acting in the interests of the greater majority and not just the select groups that contributed to their election.

Margaret Heywood



One response to “Lashing Out

  1. Florence L. Nicholson

    Well said Margaret!

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