Exemplary job of preserving heritage?

In reading the coverage today in the North Shore News of the removal of the 2nd Colby Crane: http://www.nsnews.com/news/crane-kicked-from-city-of-north-vancouver-waterfront-1.1948178,

and in particular Councillor Keating’s comments ‘that we’ve done an exemplary job of preserving heritage’, many people disagree.

One person who spoke at the public input period on Monday May 25th was Grant Gardiner.  Grant itemized what has been lost on the waterfront, his speech follows:

Good evening Your Worship and Councillors

As an advocate for heritage conservation I am here to voice my opposition to the demolition of the Colby Crane.

I sat on the Heritage Advisory Commission for 8 years since its inception in 1993 to 2001.

We spent almost every meeting for 5 of those 8 years discussing the fate of the heritage structures on the shipyard site.

In 1994 there were 9 primary Heritage Structures and 14 secondary heritage structures on the Versatile Pacific Shipyards site.

In the end we saved 6 structures, now reduced to 3 since…. the 1925 Machine Shop, the 1911 Wallace Machine Shop and the 1925 Blacksmith’s Shop were demolished to make way for the Maritime Museum…. that never materialized…now we have a volley ball field.

Since then we have lost the Flamborough Head and now the demolition of the massive Colby industrial crane is on the chopping block.

Onni Development agreed to keep and restore the Colby Crane when they bought the site.

Asking to remove the crane now is an insult to their integrity and the integrity of this council.

Please weigh you options carefully when you vote on this tonight.

There is also coverage from the Lower Lonsdale.ca website:  http://lowerlonsdale.ca/articles/shipyards-to-lose-heritage-crane/




One response to “Exemplary job of preserving heritage?

  1. Excellent speech Grant. Problem is you are casting pearls before swines

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