Cities shying away from the public

Quoting in part from Laila Yule’s article in Vancouver 24 Hrs:

Cities shying away from the public.

‘I suspect that lack of attention is just fine with some civic politicians because the less you are paying attention, the easier their jobs are. And perhaps that’s part of why getting accountability on their actions (or inaction) and what should be public information is increasingly difficult.’


‘City hall isn’t just about a political vision — it’s about serving the collective needs of the community.’




One response to “Cities shying away from the public

  1. WV on Monday had a full and open public process with proper notification to all residents in the area over the matter of the roof on the new Shell station at 13th & Marine being a little to high . All done in the open , no secret meeting, no secret deals, no payouts or favours to members of council or staff, no bribes, no favours to family friends and all done in full view of the public.
    All agreed the roof should be lowered for that what was promised. Shell Canada behaved properly and politely. Did not bribe any one, Did not demand favours from any one woing them showed up a the meeting fully open
    C of NV in the matter of over piece of public property and heritgage that was slighty blocking the views of new condos.
    This was handled as if it was in a completely different universe..
    City of NV does not shy away from public debate it just does not have one !

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