One Great Flag

Letter to the Editor, North Shore News (not yet published):

NV City council has approved flying the Rainbow Flag on city flag staffs to prove the city welcomes diversity and gives freedom to all its citizens to be true to themselves.,  At exactly the same moment in time, Mayor Mussatto and his team are threatening to compile a list of citizens who will not be allowed to speak  at council meetings.  Already the mayor has told speakers, in  no uncertain terms, that they  are only allowed to make comments, express opinions, but not ask questions.  Permissible topics for those comments and opinions are being written into council meeting rules.

  It’s a shame these marked citizens don’t have a special flag to rally around  — but I always thought they did!  It stands rather conspicuously at the front of every council meeting. It is red and white and has a maple leaf  displayed at its centre.

   In a few weeks time  it will be Canada Day and there will be Canadian flags  everywhere.  Will they be mere decorations, as some councillors seem to regard them, or will we take a moment to consider what that emblem stands for, what we should strive for as citizens.  There should be no need for special flags. If Canada is to be a truly great nation, if North Vancouver is to be a truly great city our national flag and our everyday actions should tell the world that here EVERY  HONEST citizen is respected, has the right to criticise elected officials and get public answers to public questions.

Joan Peters

North Vancouver

2 responses to “One Great Flag

  1. Stewart Bruce

    Definetely a changing world but not for the better since the word ‘normal’ no longer exist or has any meaning.


    Stewart Bruce President

    SKS ENGINEERING Suite 210 – 7436 Fraser Park Drive Burnaby, BC V5J 5B9

    Office: 604 431 3893 Mobile: 604 805 4819

  2. Florence L. Nicholson

    Right on Joan! With the majority of four on Council we are no longer striving for excellence. Everything is for ‘show’ and anyone who disagrees is silenced.

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