Vancouver City Hall listed for sale on Craigslist

CityHallWatch: Tools to engage in Vancouver city decisions

Vancouver City HallAn anonymous person posted this tongue-in-cheek-but-partly-serious “For Sale” on Craiglist on June 8, 2015. It is still there as of today. Disclaimer: CityHallWatch does not necessarily endorse all the statements made, though the listing does touch upon several contemporary issues of public concern.

Vancouver City Hall for sale (Oakridge)

condition: salvageVancouver City Hall for sale, Craigslist, 10-June-2015

For Sale: Vancouver City Hall. Cash only, please. No Questions asked.Condition: fairVancouver–the Cayman Islands of Real Estate! ™The Government of British Columbia Inc. (“BC Gov Inc.”) is a leading real estate agency and owner of boutique development-region Greater Vancouver™. As the least scrupulous real estate agency in North America, we have a proven record of helping our clients–the global elite–diversify their portfolios and realize above-average return on investment through unfettered real estate speculation. At BC Gov Inc., we believe that “Housing is for Hedge Funds,”™ not humans, and that “community” is merely a feel-good euphemism for “commodity.” By willfully neglecting…

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