Housing market explosion, flipping: Article on West Van house sale captures most of the key words (Jane Seyd in BIV / NS News) for #donthave1million

CityHallWatch: Tools to engage in Vancouver city decisions

Dollar signs, CHWAn article entitled “4m teardown sells for $1m over asking price, throwing more fuel on housing debate fire,” by Jane Seyd about a recent sale at 4130 Burkehill Place in West Vancouver appeared on June 10, 2015 in the North Shore News, and June 12 in Business in Vancouver. We have taken excerpts and bolded key words, as this case crystalizes many of the factors and forces driving the current housing market: bidding war, tear-down, crazy market, safe haven, property flipping, empty houses, affordability crisis, market exploded, investment versus home, offshore buyers. 

Is this case a symptom of “government failure” due to “regulatory capture,” preventing our politicians from serving the public properly over the past ten years (see regulatory capture and Fukushima nuclear disaster)? Has government inaction on these issues failed society? Is it too late for remedies

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