Are they worth it? Council pay and expenses

Financial statements are now available on the City website with the meeting agenda for June 22nd.  Some very interesting information.  It seems that the line total for salaries in the CNV is approximately $50,000,000. Does this mean that with our population of approximately 50,000 we pay $1000 per resident for City salaries?   We note that Mr. Tollstam’s total compensation seems to be $322,500 in 2014 – we believe this exceeds Stephen Harper’s salary!  We are less than 12  sq km!

Itemized salary and benefits plus expenses including Metro compensation is here:    Council remuneration 2014


Total amount per Council member: 
Mayor Mussatto                                                              $149,925
Councillor Bell                                                                  $50,999
Councillor Bookham                                                       $40,327
Councillor Buchanan                                                      $54,237
Councillor Clark                                                                $49,131
Councillor Keating                                                           $51,928


from Metro Vancouver details pg 450:


2015 Remuneration
Mayor $97,776 per year;   Councillor $33,823 per year;   Acting Mayor $1,231 per month served


Expenses per Bylaw: The City pays an annual indemnity to Mayor and Council, according to the terms and amounts as outlined in the “ Council Indemnity Bylaw”, of which one-third (1/3) is paid as an allowance for expenses. 2.2. This one-third (1/3) allowance, is for incidental expenses incurred in the discharge of duty within the geographic area of the City of North Vancouver. Examples of incidental expenses include personal vehicle costs, mileage, parking, clothing, home office equipment and supplies, and entertainment costs, except as specified elsewhere in this policy. 2.3.

The two-thirds (2/3) balance of the annual indemnity covers the time required for discharge of duties and any lost business opportunity costs.

Mayors Car Allowance: $796 per month, $9552 annually. Neither district Mayors on the North Shore receive car allowances. Why is the bike-riding Mayor of the most compact, transit friendly community receiving this? Comparing others in Metro – Greg Moore, Mayor of Pt Coquitlam only receives $4450 annually.  Comparisons here:

 If we did compare expenses of Port Coquitlam with the CNV in 2014: Port Coquitlam total is $21,379 CNV is approximately $45,000.  Similar size population, similar Council size.   

If you want further information or references for the details here, don’t hesitate to let us know. .


2 responses to “Are they worth it? Council pay and expenses

  1. northvancityvoices

    Detailed figures are available in the link Council Remuneration 2014 highlighted

  2. I recall that GVRD compensationis quite generous. Did you capture that in your figures? I have suspicion it flows mainly to the slate.

    Never elect anyone for whom the elected position is their best job ever.

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