Revised Council Procedure Bylaw

Following is an email sent today to Mayor and Council regarding the Bylaw motion coming forward to Council June 22:

To: Mayor Mussatto and members of Council

Re: Council Procedure Bylaw

It would seem that this revised bylaw’s only purpose is to attempt to stop residents expressing opinions to Council members. It will be interesting to see who will determine what is disrespect, harassment and bullying. We point out that under the City’s own HR policy, section 203:

‘Bullying and harassing behavior does not include:  Expressing difference of opinion ‘

Who will determine if the subject of a person’s public input has been brought up within the previous 3 months?

We would like to see the policy amended for Correspondence – and that under section 18.2 all correspondence addressed to the City from residents with common concerns is posted to the agenda as other municipalities do.

Also, we have been advised by staff that the City does not have a policy regarding ethical behaviour, code of conduct or code of ethics.

Here are two examples that might be useful if you truly want to establish standards.!.pdf


Toni Bolton for
North Van City Voices


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