Gaming and ‘Back room deals’ aka ‘Hardball Politics’

Comment from Voices: Reposting this previous post.

This is back at Council tonight for a decision.

There are two options to be considered:
Option #1 – Maintain the current Zoning Bylaw prohibition on Gaming Facilities Under this option no further action would be taken, and the current Zoning Bylaw prohibition on gaming facilities would remain in place.
Option #2 – Consider a Commercial Gaming Facility in conjunction with Playtime Gaming.
THAT staff be directed to process a rezoning application from Playtime Gaming for a Community Gaming Facility at a suitable location in the City.

From the staff report it seems the only likely benefit would be the possibility of $2M in revenue annually. In our opinion, minimum gain. We believe that the Mayor and 3 Council members should recuse themselves from voting due to the involvement of Playtime in the 2014 local election.

Here are the minutes from the Policy Committee Meeting on April 20th:

Full details of the motion are available under Council Agenda (package).

North Van City Voices

Last night during the Policy Committee Meeting at Council, there were some interesting revelations as well as many contradictory statements.  Such as:

– that Playtime Gaming (the proponent) had provided paid staff to work on the Mayor’s slate ‘phone bank’ pushing ‘like minded’ Mayor and Council candidates during the November civic election

-that the proponent had discussed using Lot 5 in the Shipyards but Roger Brooks didn’t seem to support it

-that the proponent may have considered placing the ‘gaming facility’ at Harbourside but changed their minds

-that the proponent believed that the Squamish Nation was not interested, however the BC Lottery Corp said they continue to have discussions.

Chairman Rod Clark wrapped up the meeting and brought up ‘Hardball Politics’ – never in his knowledge has there been a hardball political organization funding four Council members with a phone bank (in-kind) donation.  He also expressed concern that ‘somehow’ this…

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