Public Notice concern – change in Council meeting day

This week’s regularly scheduled Council meeting will be held on Tuesday.  We noticed the change on Friday, when the agenda was published on the City website. We have queried the lack of notice with the City Clerk, following is the back and forth query and responses.  We do not believe adequate public notice has been given regarding the change.


Voices to Karla Graham:    I have been asked to query the change of meeting day this week. It has been pointed out that the meeting agenda or notice of the change is not posted on the city home page.

Apparently, public notice has to be given to change the meeting date, pursuant to the council procedure bylaw,  section 12.2 (1).   Would you kindly advise how to respond.

City Clerk to Voices:    The meeting is posted on the City’s website where we normally post our Council Meeting schedule.  It can be accessed by this link … 

Signage is also posted at City Hall in the “Normal Notice Places”, meaning the notice kiosk in the main entrance foyer at City Hall and on the City website.  We also post notice on the main entrance doors to City Hall. 

Notice is posted pursuant to Sections 12.5 and 12.6 of the Council Procedure Bylaw.  It is further provided in accordance with the provisions of the Community Charter, which only requires 24 hours.   I trust this assists.

Voices to Clerk:    Thanks for this, I’ll pass it on. Could you also provide me with the section in the Charter that refers to 24 hours?  I notice that it is now posted on the city website.

City Clerk to Voices:    The Council meeting schedule has been posted on the website for some time now.

Sections 94 and 127 of the Community Charter deal with notice of Council meetings.

Voices to City Clerk:  From what I’ve read, I don’t believe you are complying with the proper public notice (section 94 in the Charter).   The 24 hour rule seems to only apply to Special Council Meetings.

Section 94 has the rules for public notice, and revisions to the schedule (per City bylaws) must be posted in the public notice places.  There has been no notification in the newspaper,  which seems to be the usual procedure for public notices.

This was not posted on the home page (as usual on Friday) until later this morning.    I’ll leave it to others to challenge should they choose to.

References to the City Council Procedure Bylaw is here: and the Community Charter Sections referred to here:




2 responses to “Public Notice concern – change in Council meeting day

  1. Heather Peters

    It wouldn’t matter if you questioned them, you cannot question staff or council, you would be accused of bullying and removed!

  2. Florence L. Nicholson

    H.m.m. Very suspicious goings on! Do you suppose they have an agenda that they’d rather some of us are not present to question them on?

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