Mayor Mussatto Paranoid Over Nothing

Voices comment:  The following was published today in North Van City News by Bill and Dorothy Bell.  We have also become increasingly concerned about the lack of civility in the Council Chamber.  There are new rules in effect, an amended Council Procedure Bylaw, and members of the public are suddenly being challenged without any clear evidence why.  We would ask Mayor Mussatto to be clear about the new rules and explain the reasoning without chastising the speaker, whether the speaker is a member of the public or a Council member.    This is not appropriate conduct by our Mayor.

Video link is here:

From North Van City News:

B & WMayor Mussatto becomes Paranoid over Nothing

July 15 2015

What is wrong with North Van City Council’s Mayor Darrell Mussatto? What is he so paranoid about? Is he afraid of more criticism?

Jennifer Clay representing North Shore Heritage began to address city council about the demolition of yet another heritage building. She was stopped less than 4 sentences into her presentation by Mayor Mussatto for “questioning a motive of Council.”

Here is the transcript.

Jennifer NS“I am here today representing North Shore Heritage.

We are frustrated to be here again so soon again after your decision to demolish the second crane. During that meeting Councillor Keating extolled council’s record on Heritage Retention. And yet tonight less than 4 weeks later ……”

(Interrupted by Mussatto saying “I am going to stop you right there. You are questioning a motive of council.”)

creamsicleQuestioning a motive of Council? Get serious Mayor Mussatto. She only stated a fact. Keating was praising the City’s track record. Was he or was he not? She didn’t say he was likely getting bribes. She didn’t say he likely received benefits. She doesn’t attribute ANY motivation to Keating at all. In fact she doesn’t even call him a Creamsicle. (NDP Orange on the outside and white, fake on the inside.)

Indeed the Mayor clearly needs to take a chill pill. Just naming a councilor does not constitute assigning motives. You shut Ms. Clay down because she disagrees with you and you needed an excuse.



2 responses to “Mayor Mussatto Paranoid Over Nothing

  1. This mayor has a serious problem understanding what questioning a motive really is. That’s being generous to Mayor Mussatto. I, like the author of this article, believe the mayor knows full well that there was no questioning of anyone’s motive, and that he simply doesn’t like being challenged by any speaker. This is very likely the reason that he wanted to eliminate the public input period altogether – to eliminate the public expression, and recording, of dissenting opinions on council decisions.

    That, Mayor Mussatto, is an example of your motive being questioned by me, for which I would expect you to shut me down if I said this during the public input period. Your continued abuse of this ethical shield is disgusting and tarnishes what little credibility you may still have with some of the voters.

    You should watch the TV series, “Breaking Bad”, where you will see an example of a good man’s character being corrupted by greed and a lust for power and control. If you don’t see the parallel between this and your behavior then you, like Walter White, will have broken bad and become incapable of true introspection and empathy with the plights of your citizens.

  2. Florence L. Nicholson

    Unbelievable that citizens don’t rise up and rebel at such blatant dictatorship!

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