Bullying, questioning motives and Vienna

The following has been sent to the Editor of the North Shore News (not yet published):


Dear Editor,
The City of North Vancouver Council has passed new Council Procedure bylaws, which seem mostly intended to prevent the “unwashed masses” (that is, CNV taxpayers) from troubling Council with their pesky questions and complaints.
Over the past few weeks, three different citizen speakers have been taken to task and silenced by Mayor Mussatto for supposedly “questioning the motives” of a Council member. But it appears the Mayor does not hold himself to the same high standard of conduct.
During a discussion at the July 20 Council meeting over a taxpayer-funded junket to Vienna proposed by Councillor Buchanan, the Mayor attacked Councillor Bookham for querying this expenditure of public funds. He questioned Councillor Bookham’s motives, leaving the clear implication she only opposed the junket because it was supported by the Mayor’s slate on Council.
One can only conclude that “questioning motives” is okay if it’s the Mayor doing it. In recent months the Mayor and his slate have made a lot of noise decrying so-called “bullying” behaviour when uncomfortable criticisms are directed at them. Perhaps they need to start thinking about the beam in their own eye.  
Toni Bolton for
North Van City Voices

One response to “Bullying, questioning motives and Vienna

  1. Florence L. Nicholson

    How does Mayor Mussatto get away with ‘his’ bullying tactics? Is there no one in authority to stop him? It’s a full fledged dictatorship that operates the council business!!
    F.L. Nicholson

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