CNV4ME – Sir Humphrey Would Be Proud

Comment from Voices:  The submission following was received in response to an item on the July 20th Council Agenda.  The task force has an operating budget of $17,000 and Councillor Buchanan will be the liaison.  Full details available on pages 81-88 of Council agenda


Sir Humphrey Appleby refers to the character from British TV in the 80’s, ‘Yes Minister’ – a master of obfuscation and manipulation – we feel a fitting description of this policy.   Quote from the terms of reference: ‘CNV4ME considers the context of the City and how it needs to be designed with children’s needs in mind.’




“The purpose of the CNV4ME Task Force will be to prioritize and oversee the Action Points outlined the Strategy, and connect with City departments and stakeholders and outside agencies to incorporate CNV4ME Action Points into work plans and projects.
Attachment 1 provides the Terms of Reference for the Committee.” 
Actual quote from page 3 of the report to City Council on the CNV4ME Task Force, dated July 15th. Item #8 of the July 20 Council Agenda.
The report refers to Action Points several times, capitalized as if it were a defined term in a legal document. However, you will not find any action points anywhere in the report. 
The report firmly attaches itself to the high ground of of a many of undoubted social needs and issues. But it does not actually commit to address them. 
It provides terms of reference, a detailed organization chart showing many delegated responsibilities…a bureaucratic masterpiece! Nowhere to be found is an actual commitment to tangible outputs and measurable goals.
Which is of course the point. No civil servant in the ‘Yes Minister’ tradition wants any taxpayer to question the value of all this bureaucratic shuffling. The whole project is worthy material for an episode of Yes Minister. Sir Humphrey would be proud, but can the taxpayers of North Vancouver afford it?  And who is really the “me” that CNV is so enthusiastically “4”?
Anonymous but without the mask…and not as good with computers...

2 responses to “CNV4ME – Sir Humphrey Would Be Proud

  1. Florence L. Nicholson

    Wow!! Well said!!

  2. Probably be a CAO Task Force duplication like the waterfront…..

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