Who Needs Public Relations in Planning? (Observations by Jak King on one breed of PR firms in the development business)

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no-towers-crack-the-whip(This essay by Jak King was posted on his blog on July 30, 2015. Republished here, with his permission. Neighbourhood groups would do well to note his comment about the “immoral asymmetry of power and money.” And be aware of the stealthy role of certain PR firms in major developments around you.)

Who Needs Public Relations in Planning? 

There is in Vancouver a breed of the public relations business that seeks to manipulate public opinion and manufacture consent specifically for rezoning hearings and other major development projects.

Developers who take the time to both understand and appreciate the zeitgeist of a neighbourhood have no need of such services. Their empathy with the community wouldn’t allow them to bring forward projects that are so obviously wrong, so clearly inappropriate.

But the developers who are driven by profit or are used to getting their own way, and who choose to ignore the…

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