Bicycle lift coming to North Van? (updated)

We’ve previously posted comments about our Mayor’s musings about the possibilities of a bike lift in the City of North Van.   The item was before Council on July 20th (requested by Coun. Keating) and we posted this comment at the time:

‘We recall that this previously came before Council in 2009 at the request of the Mayor and cost estimate at that time was $2-3Million. Since then, the original bike lift in Trondheim has been replaced with this:…/bike-elevator-take-you-steep…/8774/ which quotes a cost of about $3,000 per Meter.) Cost for 700 m would then be at least $2M.’

Mayor Mussatto is currently in Norway to check out the lift and is getting lots of coverage.  He spoke to Rick Cluff at CBC yesterday, the podcast is here:

He had the opportunity to try it out, video is here:

Lower Lonsdale also posted an article:

The Mayor is suggesting the location could be from the bottom of the West Keith hill at Bewicke to Jones, and will be back before Council probably in September.  The bad news is that this is potentially another few million less for Harry Jerome, the good news is that he ‘paid out of his own pocket’ for the trip.

Update: more coverage



One response to “Bicycle lift coming to North Van? (updated)

  1. Out of his own pocket with the missing $17K from his last campaign?

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