Last of the 9 Million Dollars for “maritime things”

In the absence of local media coverage of this week’s CNV Council meeting, we thought we’d bring you up to date on the Waterfront, specifically a discussion about the new Museum.
A National Maritime Centre was announced in 2007, partially funded by a $9 million dollar grant from the Province.  This plan did not come to fruition, as announced in 2010 for various reasons. 
At that time we queried the future use of the grant money: Re the grant originally provided for the NMC – The Provincial government has indicated that in the absence of an NMC project this funding is to be used for purposes consistent with the spirit of the grant, such as the preservation of BC’s maritime heritage or other arts and cultural uses.”  (response from a staff member in Jan 2014 in response to a Voices question about the grant).  Our Mayor was also quoted “Mussatto said, “My initial reading is that the money was given to us as a unconditional grant . . . its ours to keep as long as we use it for arts and cultural types of things, national maritime kinds of things.”
We believe that the Provincial funds should go in entirety to the proposed New Museum.  This would be in keeping with ‘national maritime kinds of things’.

Fast forward to Council meeting September 14 2015:  and discussion about funding for Lot 5 (formerly the site for the NMC and now being used for volleyball).   Almost $3 million dollars was allocated to planning and remediation of the current site.  The discussion evolved into a discussion about the planned New Museum


Comments made during the discussion, particularly about the $9M grant, cause us concern.  Councillor Clark stated that he felt that the site should pay it’s own way and that the New Museum should get a portion of the grant.  Councillor Bell requested that the motion be deferred until the Grant allocation could be clarified.  The other four members of Council (Councillor Bookham was absent) made various comments:

Coun. Buchanan – no point in delaying, Museum already has $5M conditionally promised, and the remediation is priority, and the City should not be asked for more.

Coun. Back – Museum keeps delaying, needs to move forward, all their money seems to be from the City, what private money have they raised, don’t see that they’ve come up with any money.

Coun. Keating – needs to be remediated, Museum has to raise $5M, they need to go fundraise.

Mayor Mussatto – money has to come from somewhere, it’s not a big deal where it comes from.  They have to raise $5M by December, we have yet to see what they have.


Could they have made it any more obvious that four members of Council are not in favour of a new Museum?



Fundraiser this week – few tickets left:
Inline image 1

published Jan 2010 about the original funding cancellation:
from Oct 2012:



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