Urban Bike Lift

Coming up at Council Monday is a report on the bike lift, now that the Mayor has returned from his trip to Norway.  This seems to have been a gleam in his eye since 2009 – Item 19, Council Agenda Sep 14 2009.  We have posted previously: https://nvcityvoices.wordpress.com/2015/08/29/bicycle-lift-coming-to-north-van/)

The staff report to Council on Monday is here: Urban Bike Lift Report

The Mayor has expressed interest in the lift to be on Keith from Bewicke to Jones, the cost quoted in the report doesn’t seem to have been converted at the correct rate – cost is quoted on the CycloCable website at between $3139-4708 Cad per metre (not $2400-3200).    Therefore if the distance is the 900m quoted, cost could be in excess of $4M.

We fully support transportation improvements but at the expense of other priorities?    In the 2015-2024 project plan there is no mention of this being a priority – level A, B or C.  In fact, most of the transportation projects deal with East of Lonsdale.   What are the City’s priorities?  



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