‘Moving Us Forward Folly’ (more on Urban Bike Lift)

Below is an email from a City resident sent to Mayor and Council today re the bike lift (aka gleam in the Mayor’s eye since 2009 at least).   Voices comment:  For a few seconds during the meeting it seemed that Councillor Back would not support the motion – but then she ‘toed the line again’.  What has happened to independent thought? 

Dear CNV Mayor and Council,
Four of you voted for CNV staff to “add $60,000 to the revised budget” (how much is the budget now?  how many staff are working on this study?
The “study” will identify 4 possible locations in the city of North Vancouver for a bike lift that will assist cyclists .. and tourists .. to cycle up hills in North Van.
hey, c’mon.  Our city is built on a mountain !  We have numerous hills:
– east 3rd street
– east Keith Road
– East 29th street
– a little hill up east 17th street to the boulevard
– a little hill up east 19th street to the boulevard
– fell ave up to Westview
– west Keith road
– up Hamilton to the Lucas centre
– Pemberton Heights
– north from the water, up Chesterfield
– north from the water, up Lonsdale
– north from the water, up St. Georges 
– up from 3rd street to the boulevard on Queensbury
– .. more
Which of these routes do the the Tourists ride?  none?  oh, ok, forget the Tourists.
Students senior high school and post-secondary – how many are affected/?  Are they physically able to cycle the routes ?
getting residents out of cars, onto bicycles or buses.  
We have a large population of Seniors.  h  ow many ride bikes?  How many can?
   .. is it feasible to shop at Walmart, take the bus to the Doctor, go to Yoga, attend crafts, social and leisure events … on a bicycle?
Estimate  Darrell, what percent of CNV Residents, can cycle to work ?
I love new ideas, technology, dreams of the future, innovation ….
This is an expensive study, for nought !     Folly …….
  Betty Escott, CNV Resident

2 responses to “‘Moving Us Forward Folly’ (more on Urban Bike Lift)

  1. The letter writer states: “We have a large population of Seniors. h ow many ride bikes? How many can?”,

    I am a senior and I do most of my trips by bike. Also, I know many seniors who enjoy making many of their trips by bike. Cycling is the most enjoyable form of transportation and offers many benefits to society including improved health, less pollution and a reduction in motor vehicle congestion. It is also the lowest cost way of providing mobility in this urban setting. No one is forcing anyone to ride a bike, but it is great that the city is looking at ways of encouraging more people to cycle more often. Kudos to the city for spending tax dollars wisely and improving the mobility of everyone in the city.

  2. Why wouldn’t a senior be able to shop, go to the doctor, attend events and go to yoga on a bike? Certainly if you can do yoga you can cycle. The car builders have brain washed the population into thinking you need one for everything, even to be happy, have a relationship, or even to be sexually attractive! If you have stuff to do on the north shore you can do it on a bike, I do. Start now and as a senior you may not need to go to the doctor much. You just need to correct type of bike and correct type of bike accessories. Riding here on an old mountain bike in a plastic suit is not the way to do it. Granted, I would prefer the money spent on proper separated bike lanes for the kids and seniors which is the proven way to get bums on bikes instead of in cars the world over.

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