Eve of Constructions | BC Booklook

Quoting from BC Bookworld about the new book Vancouver Vanishes:

Cover for Vancouver Vanishes

‘The average lifespan of a house in Vancouver is becoming less than a human lifespan.

Spearheaded by Caroline Adderson, Vancouver Vanishes: Narratives of Demolition and Revival (Anvil $32.95) is a shared attempt to document and protest the rampant destruction of perfectly fine family dwellings in Vancouver for no reason other than speculative profit.’

Comment from Voices:  We are about to witness the rezoning and potential destruction of a whole neighbourhood – Moodyville,  largely  ‘for no reason other than speculative profit’.  Population is currently about 1100, planning is to increase to 4000.  Will the new development fit the need of the residents of the City of North Van?   This area was one of the more affordable in the City, will what is to come fit the needs of young families?    Or will the developers make the decisions for profit?

Source: Eve of Constructions | BC Booklook


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