Bike Lift and Keepers of the Public Purse

There have been two recent letters to the Editor of the North Shore News regarding the proposed bike lift.

 Both of the letter writers (Danek Kilinski and Joyce Taylor)  opposed the proposed $60,000 feasability study motion which passed Council with Councillors Back, Buchanan, Keating and Mayor Mussatto in favour.

The more sensible keepers of the public purse in this instance – Councillors Bell, Bookham and Clark were opposed.

The study is proposed to be completed by March, at which time the proposal will be back before Council.   So what do we know about this bike lift right now?

-we know that it has been a gleam in the Mayor’s eye since at least 2009 when it first came before Council

-we know we have posted previously (use our search engine – bike lift)

-we know that staff reports have been submitted to Council or committees in 2009, 2010, 2011 as well as previously in 2015

-we know that cost estimates from 2009 are 2000-3000 Norwegian krone per metre, which at today’s conversion rate is 3100 – 4600 Cad per metre.  We know that 900 metres (the Keith Rd option) could therefore be more then $4M.

-we know that New Westminster considered a bike lift in 2009 but did not proceed

-we know that the Mayor’s preferred option (in 2009) is up Lonsdale from the seabus

we know that the Mayor has mentioned extensively that he travelled to Norway this summer ‘on his own dime’ in order to get more information.   We are surprised that the developers of the lift would not have sponsored at least part of the trip.

-we believe that, given the information provided in the previous staff reports, a study at this time potentially costing $60,000 is outrageous.  We expect a full accounting of the expenditure.







2 responses to “Bike Lift and Keepers of the Public Purse

  1. What can we do? Well, next time the lift is discussed at council at least 400 citizens should be there to stand and chant “No, No, No”. This just might shame the 4 frivolous zealots (I love that apt description !). If that doesn’t work, the only weapon left is the ballot box in 2018.

  2. Florence L. Nicholson

    I agree! The Bike Lift study is an outrageous use of taxpayers money!! What can we do when council is under the dictatorship of 4 frivolous zealots who have no sense of dollar value!!

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