Shelley Fralic: Not in your backyard? Then pay attention and speak up

Column in the Vancouver Sun today and quoting in part:

‘What the changes could mean in my neighbourhood, as they already have in many other Metro Vancouver neighbourhoods, is that sometime in the near future, my quiet leafy enclave of heritage houses and mid-century bungalows on big lots will be unrecognizable.

Gone will be hundreds of perfectly livable single-family homes, replaced by mid-rise rabbit warrens and builders’ boxes, bringing with them more traffic, more strain on schools, resources and infrastructures and much less grass — except, of course, at the dog park.

Not in my backyard, you say? Well, good luck with that. A subdividable lot in this market is worth far more than one that isn’t, and the speculators are on standby.

If that’s not your idea of how a community should be planned, then speak up.

Because change will happen with or without us, as consultants, developers and urban planners rush to “transform” the region’s long-established neighbourhoods, as if the word transform has been dipped in pixie dust, as if hasty artificial evolution somehow trumps organic natural evolution, which is the way neighbourhoods came together before Metro Vancouver real estate turned into a shell game.’


Source: Shelley Fralic: Not in your backyard? Then pay attention and speak up


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