Speaking to Council in the City of NV – a new low

We have posted previously about changes that were made to the City of North Van’s Council Procedure Bylaw on May 11 2015.  Last night we saw that the bylaws are being adhered to.  At that meeting in May, 18 speakers spoke during public input expressing concern about the changes.  Councillors Bell, Bookham and Clark attempted to have the bylaw referred to a Policy Committee Meeting (motion was defeated).  The amended bylaw limits the number of speakers during the public input period to five. ‘Council may permit more than five members of the public to make submissions during the Public Input Period by a unanimous vote‘   (sec 12.21 of Bylaw 8500 http://www.cnv.org/~/media/F5FE8DFCE8EE4884BC5C748D54621111.pdf).

Each speaker is allowed two minutes, two of the five who did speak were cut short at the two minute mark, the last speaker did not use the full time allowance. For the first time in our recollection, last night the sixth speaker was denied the opportunity to speak because there not unanimous agreement.  

 The NS News covered the May meeting here:


We note that Councillor Keating featured prominently in the News article and was the one vote not in favour last night.  We are also not surprised that the seeming target of the change to the bylaws was Kerry Morris who happened to be the requested sixth speaker last night.    Mr Morris has written his own summary here:  Blank 249

We previously expressed our view of the revised bylaw: ‘It would seem that this revised bylaw’s only purpose is to attempt to stop residents expressing opinions to Council members’.https://nvcityvoices.wordpress.com/2015/06/21/revised-council-procedure-bylaw/   How disappointing that there is now proof.




One response to “Speaking to Council in the City of NV – a new low

  1. Over time Darrell Mussatto’s actions have brought shame to his family name but at last Monday’s council meeting I watched as he brought dishonour to the city he was elected to serve. The Mussatto name will soon be forgotten but his official, deliberate denying freedom of speech to a citizen can never be forgotten, or forgiven!

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