A museum, pipe shop, volleyball courts* and hotel rooms

Coming up soon at City of North Van Council will be a discussion about the proposed Museum in the Pipe Shop at the Shipyards.  The Museum may not have achieved their fundraising target in which case – what will the space be used for?   Now hotel rooms are mentioned as a possibility for our last open space on the waterfront?


*volleyball courts refer to current use of Lot 5*

Quoting in part from this article about the ground breaking of the Polygon Gallery  in the North Shore News:

“Three different companies have bid on that site to do the outdoor ice rink, to do the water park and to add more hotel rooms. Those decisions will be made in the next month or two,” Mussatto said. “Once we pick a preferred developer, we will then negotiate with them for the specifics and they’ll start designing and building this year.”

There is some lingering uncertainty, however, for the historic Pipe Shop. The North Vancouver Museum and Archives has been fundraising since 2013 to take over the spot, but there is some question over whether they’ve been able to meet their fundraising commitments.

“We’re still discussing whether the museum goes in there or not. You’ll hear in a couple weeks what decisions we make,” Mussatto said.

– See more at: http://www.nsnews.com/news/polygon-gallery-breaks-ground-1.2154734#sthash.WCKOfSPF.dpuf


Source: Polygon Gallery breaks ground


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