The Museum at the Pipe Shop

Blog post at Eve Lazarus : Please be warned, this week’s blog is a rant about the idiocy of North Van City Council’s decision to scuttle years of planning for a new museum at the Pipe Shop:
Can you think of a better fit for the Pipe Shop than an interactive cultural history museum? I can’t, and I’m furious that a mayor and a couple of North Vancouver City councillors were able to scuttle years of work and planning.

Source: The Museum at the Pipe Shop



One response to “The Museum at the Pipe Shop

  1. This recent post by NVMA is a detailed rebuttal of each of BDO’s “points” which led to the scuttling of the project. I would like to know why NV City Council is not required to answer each point. How can they simply “vote” nay and think they can be done with it? Absolutely undemocratic, hiding behind a 4/3 vote.

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