Save Our Museum – an open letter

NVCV -New Museum ad

The link above is an open letter running in the NS News, we urge you to read it and join in signing the petition.   Councillor Bell is bringing forward two motions for consideration on Monday Feb 15th,.
  1. Proposed Public Meeting Review of BDO Report for New Museum in the Shipyards Pipe Shop
  2. Consideration of Appropriate Sites for a New North Vancouver Museum

Open letter in part:

Dear Fellow Residents of North Vancouver,

When transparency appears to be lacking in a decision-making process at City Hall, for democracy to work, the community must call to account those involved.

On January 25th, by a split vote, North Vancouver City Councillors cancelled the Museum at the Shipyards after years of planning and fundraising. The crucial, fi nal deliberations in advance of the vote were held behind closed doors.

A majority of Council walked away from 30 years of planning for a new museum, recommendations of more than 25 studies, a campaign for a museum in the Pipe Shop that had raised $3.9 million in just 17 months (including $2.2 million in federal support), an unprecedented unity of public support including both the Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh First Nations, and a once-in-a-century location opportunity. And we’re still without a new museum.





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