Local Election 2014 – Internal Inquiry Requested

We have received a copy of a letter written by Kerry Morris to RCMP Commissioner Robert  Paulson and Deputy Commissioner Craig Callens concerning an alleged violation pertaining to the 2014 Municipal Elections.  We are concerned about contradictory statements from the City and ‘what looks to us, at best, like bureaucratic obstructionism’.

Mr. Morris’s letter is attached here NVCV – KMorris RCMP request and our request in support follows:

To: RCMP Commissioner Robert Paulson and
Deputy Commissioner Craig Callens

Dear Sirs:

We are writing in reference to the letter you have received from Mr. Kerry Morris of North Vancouver, BC, dated 21 March 2016, regarding an alleged violation of BC’s Local Government Act and municipal election policy pertaining to the November 2014 general municipal elections in the City of North Vancouver.

On behalf of the community group North Van City Voices, we wish to lend our support to Mr. Morris’s request that you look into the matter. Specifically, we ask that you conduct an internal inquiry to ascertain whether the North Vancouver RCMP detachment was involved in any way in the investigation by the City’s Chief Electoral Officer into that allegation, as detailed in Mr. Morris’s letter.

Was the North Vancouver detachment made aware of the alleged offence shortly after it occurred, as claimed by City staff? Did the detachment investigate any aspect of the allegation (with or without receiving a request to do so), or provide any opinion to the Chief Electoral Officer or City staff as to the merits of the allegation?

Our concern is that the City has been using the (claimed) involvement of the RCMP as a way to deflect Mr. Morris’s attempts to get answers as to why the allegation was summarily dismissed. We realize that Supt. Kennedy has stated that the detachment did not receive a formal request to investigate. However, the above questions remain unaddressed. Given the contradictory statements by the City, we are hoping that you can rule out any RCMP involvement at all in what looks to us, at best, like bureaucratic obstructionism.

We very much appreciate your prompt attention to this matter.


Fred Dawkins and Toni Bolton for
North Van City Voices

NVCV – KMorris RCMP request




2 responses to “Local Election 2014 – Internal Inquiry Requested

  1. northvancityvoices

    Hi Dave: Thanks for posting this response to you from Elections BC.

    We just want to point out that these are two separate issues. Kerry’s allegation, which is the subject of our request, is about City staff doing electioneering near a polling station. It has nothing to do with the Mayor’s campaign financing disclosure statement..

  2. Dear Dave Shirlaw:

    Although there were some references to an “investigation” in the media, Elections BC did not confirm nor conduct an investigation into Mr. Mussatto’s campaign. Mr. Mussatto’s campaign financing disclosure statement was reviewed in accordance with our usual practices and we found no issues that warranted further investigation.


    Amie Foster
    A/Manager, Communications
    Elections BC

    W: (250) 387-1709 C: (250) 213-6212/778-678-0181
    Suite 100-1112 Fort St. Victoria, BC V8V 3K8

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