Metro tweaks water shortage response plan

Mayor Mussatto is quoted in this article in the North Shore News (Source: Metro tweaks water shortage response plan) as being “quite hopeful that people will continue to decrease their water consumption for this year”.

This comment is from a resident:

A water shortage in Vancouver? Give us a break. For eight months of the year we can’t escape from the rain. Our creeks and rivers rampage and everything is soaked to the bone. We have a world-beating supply of fresh clean water that falls from the sky. Unfortunately much of it runs into the ocean because we don’t have enough capacity to store it.

What we urgently need is water storage capacity to meet the needs of our rapidly growing population.

With municipal government policies throughout the lower mainland driving extra population density, where is the plan from Mayor Mussatto’s committee for adding more water storage capacity?

From the North Shore News:

North Shore homeowners may watch their lawns get a little browner this summer, following a recent adjustment to Metro Vancouver’s water shortage response plan. Metro Vancouver recently amended . . .

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