Waterfront Shipyards Lot 5 Announcement

The Shipyards – Lot 5 Development

 NEW: The City has chosen Quay Property Management Corp. (QPM) as its partner to develop The Shipyards – Lot 5, bringing the City a significant step closer to delivering a unique, interactive, year-round, activity driven people place that will include an outdoor public skating rink and a water play area. The outdoor public skating rink will be the largest in the Lower Mainland.

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Features include:  an outdoor public skating rink for use during the winter months, including a looped skating trail to complement the open rink area.  a water play zone for use during the summer months, with a combination of pools and sprayers  a covering for weather protection over the entire open space, complete with a retractable portion to allow for an open water play area in the summer  significant heritage elements incorporated into the site development such as the use of the ‘Machine Shop’ building as the covering structure over the open space  enhanced public stage  underground parking  a commercial component, which will include restaurant, retail and proposed hotel use (hotel use will require rezoning)  public support spaces, including public washrooms and unique community programming opportunities for both small and large events  rubberized and non-skid surfaces, ample seating and viewing areas  connection with the Spirit Trail and multiple access points for multi-modal transportation

The Shipyards first opened as Wallace Shipyards in 1906 and grew into one of the most impressive industrial operations in western Canada before closing its doors in 1992. Over its many years of operation, the Shipyards have become a defining aspect of the City’s identity. Today, the Shipyards are recognized as a Primary Heritage Site in the City of North Vancouver Heritage Inventory. Learn more about the City’s shipbuilding history.

The Shipyards have been restored through the Pier Development to accommodate retail and commercial space, public plazas, interpretive signage, waterfront walkways and restored piers. Phase lll, the last component, is currently underway. Continued detailed planning for this waterfront destination is ongoing as part of the Central Waterfront Planning process and Lot 5 redevelopment.

The last remaining parcel to be developed is Lot 5, a City-owned parcel of land located in the center of The Shipyards site. As part of the Central Waterfront Development Plan, a vision for Lot 5 was established to create a significant people place with active and interrelated public spaces offering year-round activities all of which are supported by a surrounding commercial development. To further clarify the vision, in April 2015, Council endorsed the Site Planning Principles to guide future development of Lot 5. In June of 2015, a Request for Expression of interest was undertaken and then a more detailed Request for Proposal process.

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2 responses to “Waterfront Shipyards Lot 5 Announcement

  1. Kerry Morris was certainly on the mark when he asked ‘Does the slate have a hidden agenda for the shipyards?’ ( see Recent Posts April 6). Within a month of the slate voting down the new museum the mayor announced his fully formed plans for Lot 5.
    At my age I really don’t have much interest in what happens down there but I am angry that honest citizens were given the go ahead to spend almost two years of their lives raising money for a museum that the mayor and his team had no intention of ever allowing. The mayor didn’t even have the courage to take the final vote on this in open council, he took it in camera and then publicly announced it the next day on Vancouver radio and TV, where there could be no public rebuttal.

  2. What is the cost to this??!

    Guess they will bring in revenue??

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