Tall Wall on Lonsdale – letter to Editor, NS News

Voices has received the following Letter to the Editor, North Shore News concerning the Hollyburn proposal for 1301 Lonsdale:

North Shore News – Letter to the Editor

Subject: 1301-33 Lonsdale – Hollyburn Development Proposal – Town Hall Meeting – April 21

People may be unaware there is a major development proposal in process for the north-west corner of 13th and Lonsdale. Hollyburn Properties is proposing to build a 19 storey (190 foot) rental tower. A Town Hall Meeting has been scheduled for April 21.

This is an important corner in our City. The proposed building would be a tall wall along Lonsdale, too close to the street, too high next to City Hall and would overshadow the plaza and library – which has been lauded for its solar features.

The Blue Shore Credit Union on the SE corner is a very visually attractive, lower-height building and the Prescott tower is set back from Lonsdale – with a total height of about 12 storeys. Even the Onni tower being built on the NE corner has more setback and less height than this tower will have.

This proposal exceeds the Official Community Plan (OCP) in both height and density. (The maximum for this site is 12 storeys – absolute maximum with rental housing is 15 storeys.)

Surely there can be a design and appropriate sized building that would complement the Blue Shore corner and City Hall Plaza! Where is the ‘aesthetically compatible’ design (from the OCP) happening for this corner? The building design itself is reasonable but the height and ‘wall’ along Lonsdale are not attractive. The community vision for each side of Lonsdale is to leave the first half block with lower buildings, then taller towers beyond giving a sense of space and light along the street.

Why is our City Council encouraging this proposal? Why is the Official Community Plan being ignored after hundreds of people spoke up against over-height and densification, and managed to gain agreement on having maximum height and density numbers? The plan is worthless unless followed.

There is a Town Hall meeting on Thursday, April 21 from 6 to 8 pm at the Pinnacle Hotel.

Be there, look at the plans and give your feedback!

Linda Heese , North Vancouver



3 responses to “Tall Wall on Lonsdale – letter to Editor, NS News

  1. Garry Reimer

    I hope you’ll send a letter to the mayor telling him exactly how you feel. This over-sized building is being shoe-horned into a lot that is too small.

  2. Claire Benson-Mandl

    Garry – this is EXACTLY the situation we are in. We bought based on the OCP. I can’t believe the City is considering going against their own recommendations. I feel personally swindled.

  3. If I had just purchased an apartment home in the CentreView tower across the street from this development, I’d be so angry about this. Prospective buyers likely go to City Hall to find out what will be developed in the vicinity and based on the OCP, make a purchasing decision. In this case, at the final hour, the City added a special study area for the Nandos Chicken site and then topped the building up to 210 feet vs 120 feet in the OCP. The building will block the view of an additional 8 floors of CentreView. I’d be so angry.

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