Planes, Hotels and other expenses

Mayor and Council 4th quarter Expenses are now posted.   We note that Council members Bell and Buchanan each attended international conferences – the UK for Councillor Bell ($5087) and Austria ($5312) for Councillor Buchanan.  Councillor Buchanan wins the dubious title of ‘expense be damned’ with a total of $2061 hotel cost for a 4day/3evening event.  (

At every council meeting there is a period for Council Reports – it is rarely used. For the amount of money spent on travel to international conferences, we feel the tax payers deserve a public report on what was learned. Such a report should be made 2 weeks after the Councillor has returned. It should be a thorough report, justifying the expense.

Eyebrows raised?  Mayor Mussatto expensed $3.80 for parking at CapU.  The Mayor receives a car allowance in excess of $9,000 per year!

We also noticed, when researching for this post, that the 2016 Remuneration effective Jan 1 2016  had not been updated on the City website – it is now updated:

Breakdown follows with the total for 2015 for each Council member:

Councillor Buchanan                           $9264

Councillor Bell                                       $8991

Councillor Back                                     $7052

Mayor Mussatto                                    $5693

Councillor Keating                               $4599

Councillor Clark                                    $1777

Councillor Bookham                            $   311








One response to “Planes, Hotels and other expenses

  1. There was an interesting moment in the May 16 council meeting –Both Councillors Buchanan and Back commented on conferences they had attended. Had they read Voices recent criticism on this subject? However, Back’s “It was the best conference I have ever attended” and Buchanan’s “You can read about it on my website” just don’t cut it.
    Take a look at a West Van council meeting. When Council Reports come up, Councillors report, in interesting detail, on meetings and events attended during the week. It becomes a wonderful picture of what is going on in the community and just what has influenced decisions.
    – Best Conference and Read about it – is a tiny step in the right direction, ladies, but what is effective is a personal report, at the public council meeting, every week, from each of our elected representatives. We pay your salaries, surely you do more than attend a 3 hour meeting once a week!

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