Homelessness and evictions – letter to Editor, NSNews

We have been copied on the following letter to the Editor, North Shore News and reprinted with permission.   Unfortunately, this is a reality for far too many renters – not just in North Vancouver. Currently as long as the owner/developer meets all City regulations nothing can be done to stop them.  

Profit, rarely human consideration, is the driver.

Dear Editor:
As one who lives in a building which has just been  sold and usually means an eviction notice is on the way, may I think you for bringing this situation to the attention of North Shore residents.
Sadly this is not a something that just started suddenly, but has been happening slowly and continually for several years now.
There has been more then enough time for those who are elected (and paid) to represent this community in a fair and equal manner to step up to the plate, but for some reason it would appear that the Developers are now in complete control, certainly in the 2 North Vancouver’s.   Where have Thornthwaite, Yamamoto and Wilkinson been hiding when more and more of their constituents are being forced out of their homes? 
Are they even the slightest aware of the destruction on so many levels are taking place, and even more importantly do they even care?  Do they even know the extent of it:

  • Neighbourhood against neighbour = Moodyville is a prime example of what is about to happen where I understand that 10 people do not want to leave their homes.  Are their feelings being respected by their fellow neighbours and the evermore powerful Developers?
  • People who are being forced out because they are simply renters, they are also members of our community and they pay taxes, may have children in local schools, have local jobs and are productive members of our society. What kind of discrimination is this and how can this even be legal?
  • Environment – what planet do these politicians think we live on that we actually believe that the impact of all this massive development will NOT impact our traffic, not to mention contribute to huge increases in pollution and all the health risks that entails.
  • Cement is green??  Still waiting for an intelligent explanation that says tearing down trees and replacing with walls of cement is a “green” thing.
  • Loss of wildlife.  OK so skunks are not my favourite animal but they are a part of our environment as are squirrels, racoons and who does not want to hear the sound of birds on a regular basis?

Like so many others I have watched with so much sadness as those 80 thousand were forced out of their homes in For MacMurray but also with pride to see how quickly and how much the Canadian people came together to support them.   Being forced out of one’s home is devastating enough, but to have that happen when your fellow citizens and politicians look the other way is just plain evil and should never happen in a country that boasts of its human rights record, and reputation of fairness and justice…………and it should NEVER happen in a place like North Vancouver.

Sue  Lakes Cook  


One response to “Homelessness and evictions – letter to Editor, NSNews

  1. Marjorie Bruce

    Well said Sue Lakes Cook!! I couldn’t agree more – when is something
    to be done? I can’t wait for an election, although I can’t see much
    being done, whoever gets in!!

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