‘Critical’ rating – rental housing index CNV

We (Voices) have received a copy of this report measuring Affordability / Overspending / Income Gap / Overcrowding / Bedroom Shortfall.  We believe the figures are taken from the 2011 Census.  The City of North Van rates 65 out of 72 in the Province and 510 out of 521 in the country.  

Attached is a copy of a letter from the BC Non Profit Housing Association to Mayor and Council in support of the proposed Hollyburn rental development at `13th and Lonsdale.  

BCNPHASupportLetter_Hollyburn_160614 (2)

The letter writer notes that  “In developing our Rental Housing Index that examines affordability and suitability indicators in large and small communities throughout the province, the City of North Vancouver ranked 510 out of 521 communities in Canada in terms of the overall health of your rental market. “

We (Voices) believe that the City of North Van, with at least 45% of residents being renters, has to come up with a solution to protect the existing stock of older rentals, many being built in the 70’s.   New purpose built market rentals are not the solution, would a halt to rezonings or a change to the generous 1.0 FSR density bonus for rentals help?

Rental Housing Index report is here: http://rentalhousingindex.ca/#




One response to “‘Critical’ rating – rental housing index CNV

  1. Everyone agrees that North Vancouver requires additional rental housing.

    The key issues for me are that the proposed building is too big for the site and the number of parking spaces provided for the tenants is insufficient.

    0.6 parking spaces per dwelling unit is too low given this development is focused on providing more 2 and 3 bedroom units at market-rate rents. People who are able to afford these rents have both cars AND bikes – not cars OR bikes. The occupants of the 2 and 3 bedroom suites will be either families or multiple adults sharing a suite. In both cases, there will be at least one vehicle.

    Lower cost rental units may have a lower vehicle to dwelling unit ratio but it doesn’t apply to new buildings with high rents. Vista Place next door has 1.1 vehicles per dwelling unit (stats from ICBC) and it is 60% rental.

    Parking for residents and their guests is already a nightmare in Central Lonsdale.

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