Gordon Clark: Groundswell of opposition rises against city hall

‘But a mandate doesn’t eliminate the need for governments — especially local governments — to seek and seriously consider citizen input in specific plans, including compromising at times so some citizens don’t feel like they’re losing. City politics shouldn’t be such a blood sport.

If Vancouver is going be run between elections as a dictatorship beholding to wealthy interests and against the wishes of citizens, we don’t have a first-world problem. It sounds more like a third-world problem.’

This editorial  (Source: Gordon Clark: Groundswell of opposition rises against city hall) in the Province refers to Vancouver City Hall, but there are many parallels to the City of North Van.  We were reminded of this at Council last night when the ‘Gaming Facility’ was being discussed again.  How many times has it come up before?  Did any Council members receive election funding?  

We were initially relieved to read the staff report that the “City is not interested in hosting …”.    Did our Mayor discuss the possibility with our neighbouring municipalities?  Did we really hear Councillor Back state “I’d rather the City got the millions rather than them”.. which of our neighbours was she referring to? It sounded to us to be our Tsleil-Waututh Nation neighbour.  Us and them?

Earlier story (Jan 2016) with background:   http://www.nsnews.com/news/casino-developer-sues-lottery-corp-1.2152868 




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