Permit red tape holding up 69,500 housing units: Development industry

Article in the Vancouver Sun today.   Judging by the comments we are not alone in being thankful that housing units are being held up – imagine even more development underway and the ensuing disruptions.     Who is all the development benefiting?  

Quoting from the article, the City of North Van got a mention:

McMullin said one example of needless complexity is the way municipalities deal with rising sea levels expected this century; North Vancouver City requires a higher building height above sea level than nearby Vancouver.

“I’m pretty sure the sea level rises the same on both sides of the harbour,” she said. “Designers are having to do the same job more than once.”

Another example is a proposal from North Van City to require that all bedrooms in three-bedroom units have outside windows. While it “sounds good,” McMullin said designers find it hard to satisfy the rule and make efficient use of the available land base.

“It’s a problem, especially on the thin towers which are built in Metro Vancouver. Every bedroom has to have an outside wall. You’re using up a lot of real estate,” she said.

Source: Permit red tape holding up 69,500 housing units: Development industry


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