EDITORIAL: 125 birthday bumps

We have posted previous articles about the “A” word topic, and it has been the subject of previous North Shore News editorials(https://nvcityvoices.wordpress.com/2015/06/08/come-together-re-amalgamation-ns-news/).    What do we know?  We know that the subject has come up at Council previously – in 1928 and 1981 referendum bylaws were prepared.   We know that there was much discussion in 2014 when the notion of “restructuring” came up at Council – and it was soundly rejected by the Mayor and Councillor Keating.  We know that with the current Council majority it’s unlikely that a motion for another ‘look’ would be approved.   Time for us to demand more of our City Council.

from the North Shore News today:

It’s been 125 years, give or take a few days, since North Shore residents had a local government they could vote for, pay taxes to, receive services from, and gripe about.

On Aug. 10, 1891, the District of North Vancouver was incorporated by the province, spanning the entire North Shore. We wish the district the happiest of birthdays.

Of course, the original party was cut relatively short in 1907 when a group of landowners persuaded the province to give them a city of their own centred along Lonsdale Avenue.

We live with the consequences of that baffling decision today.

When you drive from the Ironworkers Memorial Second Narrows Crossing bridgehead to Capilano Road, you travel between the District and City of North Vancouver five times. Roughly 45 per cent of the highway is in the city, but only district council is being asked to step up and fix the awful problems of congestion with expensive new interchanges and bridges.

Some naively argue that amalgamation would bring about fabulous cost reductions. It wouldn’t. If history serves as any indicator, costs for taxpayers will go up as a result.

But we aren’t just taxpayers. We’re citizens and citizens demand more than low tax bills. We demand good government. This bizarre, snaking border divides our common interests as much as it divides our community.

We’d argue the best birthday gift we could give ourselves is a sober, fresh look at amalgamation.

At the tender age of 125, it’s high time  North Vancouver started taking better care of itself.

– See more at: http://www.nsnews.com/opinion/editorial/editorial-125-birthday-bumps-1.2322356#sthash.lqsySjNk.dpuf



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