Resident concerns re Hollyburn 3

We (Voices) have received the following copy of an email to Council members and Planning concerning the proposed OCP amendment and development for 1301-1333 Lonsdale.  First reading of the bylaw is on the agenda for September 19.  The public hearing date has not yet been announced.   We also note that a minimum of 117 parking spaces in the vicinity are currently reserved for CNV staff.

Dear Michael and CNV Council,
I have written to you in the past about my concerns regarding the amount of parking that is planned for 1301-1333 Lonsdale – Hollyburn 3.
Today I am providing facts to support my concerns.
There is already a shortage of resident parking for Hollyburn 1 & 2.  The parking lots for the two buildings are FULL and there is a waiting list.  Given the market-rate rents for Hollyburn 3, the proposed on-site parking for this new building will be insufficient for its residents and visitors.  Further, the traffic created by this development will exceed what has been modelled which will cause congestion issues in the lane between City Hall and Hollyburn 3 as well as on 13th and Lonsdale. 
Bridgewater/Hollyburn 2:
  • 134 suites
  • 74 resident parking spaces in the building
  • 50 + an additional 4 parking spaces assigned in the Marlborough/Hollyburn 1 building
    • includes 10 Visitor Parking spaces across the street behind the Marlborough
    • Disabled Visitor parking is across the street from the Hollyburn 2!
    • Disabled residents must park on P1 since the elevator doesn’t go to the lower parking levels.
  • All parking spaces are ‘FULL‘ and Hollyburn 1 & 2 has a waiting list.
What is the current parking ratio for every Bridgewater/Hollyburn 2 dwelling unit?  (74+54-10)/134=  .88 non-visitor parking spaces per dwelling unit.   And it’s not enough since there is a waiting list.  Where are the additional Bridgewater cars going to park?   Also, recall that the current parking ratio for Vista Place (based on ICBC data) is 1.1 registered vehicles per dwelling unit.
The parking ratio for Hollyburn 3 is 0.6 non-visitor parking spaces per dwelling unit AND Hollyburn 3 has more 2 and 3 bedroom units than Hollyburn 2.    It’s NOT enough regardless of the amount of bicycle parking provided.   Facts show that people who can afford the market-rate rents in the new North Shore buildings are choosing to have at least one car.  Families who move into the 2 and 3 bedroom units in Hollyburn 3 will definitely have a car based on the facts for both Vista Place and Hollyburn 2.
The City of North Vancouver is creating a traffic and parking mess for the existing Central Lonsdale residents.   Hollyburn 2 is already creating a number of congestion issues on 14th and in the Civic Mews area.
Why not reduce the size/density of Hollyburn 3 to be in line with the OCP so that the residential parking is consistent with what the rental market requires?   That’s what your Constituents are asking you to do based an all of the public input. 
What’s the point of holding Open Houses, Public Town Hall meetings and Public Hearings if you completely ignore the public input and the facts?   
North Vancouver residents are not evolving to use other modes of travel as fast as you might wish.  
Carol Reimer

9 responses to “Resident concerns re Hollyburn 3

  1. You should checkout perspective.

  2. If I have the location right, Holyburn is building on what was the City parking lot. If some of the previously city spaces are continuing to be used by City? So?

  3. Obviously the City, nothing to see here folks.

  4. Who owns the 117 Parking Spots reserved for CNV STaff and how much is the Monthly Fee?

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