The Green Necklace

Comment from Voices:  There are many opinions about the new Grand Boulevard portion of the Green Necklace – mostly negative.   Here is an email to the North Shore News reporter who covered the Council meeting last week for further funding (   There are also comments on the NSNews page on facebook.


Email sent to Jeremy Shepherd:

“Green trail nearing completion more than a century after it was first pitched.” ………..   I do so wish that as a writer/reporter for our only local newspaper you would  research genuine history rather than just print the political rhetoric given out by city hall!


    The original Green Necklace  has been walked on, sat on, played on, sunbathed on, picniced on, jogged on and used as a quiet place for  simple contemplation for over a century.   This “necklace” is made up of several large tracts of parkland, all beautifully GREEN, that encircle North Van city centre   – Mahon Park, Victoria Park and Grand Boulevard.  Greenwood Park was added quite recently.  It was originally a gravel quarry.


    About 12 years ago the City announced its project of creating a wide, blacktopped sidewalk that would encircle the city centre using the four parks as anchors and would replace existing sidewalks  and paths through residential and park areas. The City leaned on history and named their new, expensive project the Green Necklace.   Councillor Rod Clark promptly christened it  The BLACK NECKLACE and that is exactly what it has become.  Nowhere is this so blatantly obvious than on Grand Boulevard.   What is GREEN  in those three broad stripes  of black asphalt that now dominate the eleven blocks of  our bucolic Grand Boulevard?  Did you know that years ago Ray Perrault tethered a horse he used in his campaign over night on the Boulevard?


    I can sympathize with Councillor Clark throwing in the towel.  These changes are now all fait accompli but I do get angry when a reporter of what is going on in our city can’t separate truth from propaganda. 


Sincerely,    JOAN PETERS


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