Blindly pushing density

We have received a copy of the following letter sent today to City of North Van Council:


Dear City of North Vancouver Council,
With regards to the possible OCP Amendment to the Hollyburn rental building I, along with many others, will be watching closely to see how Council handles this proposal.
A couple weeks three full buses passed me on Marine drive in the morning and last week twice I was late for work again as the buses did not show up on time…again! 
We don’t have the infrastructure in place on the North Shore for more density. 
It seems that City Hall pushes for more people to live in the City – but we don’t have the resources.  We are destroying the planet / ecosystem at such an alarming rate.  
Density is not the answer to the world’s problems and unlimited growth is just increasing the divide. 
In the last election I spent countless weeks encouraging the community and my contacts to vote. In the upcoming election I will not be supporting those who continue to blindly push ahead the OCP amendments and density that cannot be supported by our ecosystem, infrastructure, and disappearing health and education systems.
Best Regards,
Evonne Strohwald

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