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Comment from Voices:  This letter to the Editor was published in The Local, a weekly newspaper on the lower Sunshine Coast and refers to Sechelt.  We (Voices) are in the process of updating the development statistics for the City of North Van and take note of the overwhelming number of rezoning applications being brought forward.  We’ll publish the new numbers within a week.  We agree with the letter writer.

Stick to the plan

Think about all those colourful zoning maps and booklets and thick binders of all the zoning rules that developers can read and understand. Think of the new staff required and wages paid out to experts and consultants. Think how effortless and trouble-free the planning process can be for the developers and how the citizens will always know what to expect when something new is planned.

Except that the developers want rezoning. They don’t want three stories when they can make more money with six. They don’t want that density when this density will “be better for the community.”

So the council will entertain rezoning, will hold more hearings and make more models and more pictures and more binders and bylaws and basically throw the community plan away. The “Community Plan” becomes a pointless, wasteful, useless pile of waste paper that all the developers (I’m not mad at developers, they have a right to do what they do) know can be circumvented by either asking for or buying a change. The Community Plan is reduced to a book of negotiating positions.

Isn’t it time to change this farce? Either toss the zoning rules as a useless exercise, or hold builders and developers to the letter of the zoning rules. This back and forth (buy another floor, lobby for exemptions, confound and confuse the neighbours and citizens and waste everybody’s time) has got to stop. To see where this can go, just look at the big city across the water – the roads and infrastructure are a mess, just about every building produced in the last few years has been loaded with exemptions.

We can do better than that here.

Ken Dibnah, Wakefield Beach

Source: Stick to the plan | The Local Weekly

Posted by: The Local Weekly December 28, 2016 in Letters To The Editor, Opinion Leave a comment


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