Consequence of the rush to densify? Safety?

Source: North Vancouver man handed 9 months jail for fatal crosswalk collision

Comment from Voices:  We thought that a comment to this sad article in the North Shore News today would benefit from a wider distribution. It was posted by a Disqus reader and according to the privacy rules can be distributed. We don’t know who wrote it:

Lonsdale from 3rd , North to Keith is scary.😨😨😨😨

In the rush to develop. Mussatto, Keating, Buchanan the (slate) have failed the citizen’s for safe walking, even though they promote walking, cycling,transit in every breath they speak.

It’s still unsafe to cross ,3rd east of Lonsdale anywhere ,as council waits for
Moody Ville developers to pay for maybe 1 light hopefully.

There is people, restaurants everywhere with no lights 1st, 2nd, lower Lonsdale . It’s almost criminal the lack of safety. Try to cross as drivers blow through crosswalks.

The council has ignored these locations jamming development down our throats while not updating crosswalks and much other infrastructure .

This CNV must take partial responsibility for this death,and any future deaths, also counting the 2 others that have already been killed.It will happen again in these locations.

Safety first should be the main concern of any corporation except the CNV, has ignored its responsibility.

Mussatto, Keating ,Buchanan, chose expansion and development at a fast pace in the process neglecting crosswalks,lights and other safety for its citizen’s.

If u don’t believe cross at 4th,5th, 6th, Lonsdale or east 3rd ,200,300,400 I dare you🚗🚗🚗

Failing to make it safe to walk in our community while taking multiple donations from developers to expand density, population seems blatantly ignorant by CNV planners and Councillors Buchanan, Keating and Mayor Mussatto.

Mussatto ,Buchanan ,Keating in their rush to please their corporate donors have left the citizen’s to fend for themselves on our streets.

If u think this over dramatic try and cross the street in any of these locations..Run if u can.

Do something council ! It’s our tax money. The city coffers are full yet this stretch of Lonsdale remains a drag strip.

Vote this group out citizen’s.

Don’t let Mr. Attermann sad death and tragedy to this family be followed by another person rundown in these crosswalks.

Be careful 🚗🚗🚗



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