Questions abound – Anthem/Eastern

Comment from Voices:  We have received a copy of the following email from a long time City of North Van resident concerning the Anthem development proposal at Eastern Ave and 17th Street in the City.   The resident attended the ‘developer information session’ this week and has the following questions for the City and the developer:


‘No Councillors were at this meeting that I could see. 

I talked to the Development and Relocation Consultant who was there and he explained his role. 
The consultant  lives near Broadway and Cambie, not in North Vancouver.
It would have been a nice gesture if members of Council were there. Are we their enemies? 
The employees from Anthem politely answered questions which they are supposed to do; they are obliged to give the party line that everything is the best of all possible worlds, when they must know that tearing up the neighbourhood is shameful. 
On the other hand, maybe they don’t know the long term effects on life quality of this kind of expansion.
The key issue the Council and the planners must face is that the OCP that is being administered for this part of North Vancouver means that all the worst aspects of urban expansion will take place with no logic or rationale that anyone who knows about these matters and who live here can understand: other than expand and then pay the price of congestion and living with aesthetically cookie cutter buildings which this one will be, I am sorry to say. 
Anyone who looks at urban expansion in, say,  The Netherlands and Germany will see that the new high rises in North Vancouver around 13th, as well as the sprawling clunky ones around 21st St West, are not  buildings that one might admire. They are like warehouses.
Since there are plans for expansion of housing north of Harry Jerome citizens of North Vancouver need to know why these high-rises are being tossed up now in this vulnerable area of the town. ‘

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